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New School New You TG
    Rin hated this idea. The idea of a move, a move between countries at that. His parents were after all Japanese, but that didn't mean he had to move there. He would lose his friends, his life, and hell even his school! That's how much he hated the idea. But despite his protests his parents did not oblige, they just brushed him off and told him to pack for the flight.
    Inside his room, Rin stuffed his clothes, chargers for electronics, and other "personal" items as he huffed to himself, "Why must they decide my life for me!" His eyes shot to the door as footsteps grew louder. He zipped the suitcase and his dad appeared in the doorway, "Hey son." He said plainly.
"Hey Dad." Rin's eyes looked away and back to the suitcase as his medium length black hair whipped into his eyesight. Rin was 15, a sophomore in high school, he had a athletic build despite his heritage from japan. He was 6'0 and weighed 189 lbs. Yet he didn't like to run nor play soccer, in fact he was
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Princess of the seas

A requested story.
Damien was out on the ocean with the new boat his father had bought
it was the middle of summer and his family had just bought a new hut on an island right by the ocean so he often took the boat out for a ride
i took it out into the ocean and stopped by some rocks, i jumped of the boat and tied a rope to my leg to keep it from going away as i sat down and took a drink of water
the sun was shining down on me and i looked around
i saw a huge ship of in the distance, probably a cruise ship or something...
i let out a sigh and walks around on the rocks some before going back to the boat
''i guess i should head back'' i say to myself as i start up the motor and drives back to the hut
but after 2 minutes the motor starts puffing and stopping
''What ? Seriously ? is it out of gas?'' i try turning it on again but it just puffs a bit then and stops
''damn it...this is just perfect''
i look around the boat for some some gasoline
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Latias TG TF
Colton sat on the edge of the lake by his house, thinking about his life and how things recently have been uneventful. "What I would give for something exciting to happen" he sighed to himself as he threw a rock into the crystal clear water, disturbing its calm silence. He sat there in silence for a while longer, calmly throwing one last rock at the water before leaving. He watched the small stone sail through the air but as it flew it suddenly stopped, as if it hit some kind of invisible wall, "What the hell?" he said softly to himself as a gust of wind knocked him off his feet and onto the ground, a soft cooing sound following it. "I said I wanted something exciting but this is just weird" he muttered to himself as he stood up, trying to identify the sound he just heard. It wasn't anything he had heard before, no bird could have made that sound and there is no other animal he could think of that could come close to making something like that. It was like a soft "Laaaaatios" and he ha
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A New Soap: Primarina TF/TG
Commission for :iconCheeyev:
"Ugh, I'm so bored"
As you could see, I was having one of those days. You know, those kind of days where you have absolutely nothing to do. I could go outside and do some exercising, or just walk, but I'm a pretty lazy person and don't leave my room unless it's for school or food. I mostly just spend my time on my computer, just visiting various websites. I spend so much time on my computer that I no longer have much to do on it anymore.
I was laying around my room when I heard a knock on my door. "Hello?" It was my mom. "What is it" I yelled back. "You haven't taken a bath in almost a week so do that now" She said. "Fine" I said. I slowly got out of the chair I was in and made my way over to the bathroom. At least taking a bath beats doing nothing.
I walked into the bathroom, turned on the water, took off my clothes, and got in the water. I had the water at the perfect temperature, so I was probably going to end up relaxing in there for awhile. I looked ar
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